The Concept of Integral Management

FromLDM Associates

The American Heritage Dictionary defines Integrity as–the state of being unimpaired; soundness; honesty; completeness

Integral-- necessary to the whole; complete;

Integrate -- to make into a whole by bringing together all parts; to unify; to unite; to make complete

Integral! Integrate! Integrity! What perfect words to describe the duty of management!

The book by L. David Montague entitledRestoring Trust is about "Integral Management". That is bringing all the elements of managing together and performing them with uncompromising integrity. Management is about the relationships among people-- more specifically the stakeholders of the enterprise -- all of them. Integrity is largely about mutual respect. Most people like to work in an environment where they know what is expected and what to expect of their leaders and coworkers. They will take more initiative, and outperform other groups by far. What is it that makes this happen? It is mutual respect, pride....and trust.